Samyra Moumouh is an accomplished exhibition architect
Samyra Moumouh is an accomplished exhibition architect formally trained in filmmaking and architectural design. She is responsible for conceptualizing and coordinating the spatial arrangements of exhibitions. Her emphasis is on creating compelling and proficient presentations of artworks within museum environments.

Moumouh's mission is to integrate art and space seamlessly, fostering associative connections that contribute to an elevated and enriched visitor experience. This objective is realized through meticulously interweaving ideas, visions, spatial considerations, and artworks, establishing a solid design foundation beyond mere ornamentation. By encouraging associative connections, Samyra aims to create a dynamic environment where visitors engage with the space on a deeper, more meaningful level. Her vision reflects a modest commitment to harmoniously uniting art and space organically and cohesively, resulting in contributions that transform spaces into meaningful environments showcasing artworks.

Moumouh received her education at Sint-Lukas in Brussels, with honor. Her skills were further refined during an internship with exhibition architect Kris Kimpe in Antwerp from 2009 to 2011. From 2011 to 2018, she collaborated with visual artist Anne-Mie van Kerckhoven [AMVK], handling diverse tasks such as designing a lightbox, installations, exhibition architecture and contributing to the furnishing of Anne-Mie's studio. One notable example of Samyra's work is the original design of the Carrel, which was later transformed into an artwork by AMVK.


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